Program Overview

In this level of the JOM mentorship program students will receive the 2nd level teachings of the Spectrum Healing Technology. This builds upon the level 2 insights and takes you deeper into understanding the Spectrum Grid for self healing & empowerment;
Program Overview

13 week program - 1 module per week
13 online modules - topics include;

  • Introduction to the Journey of Embodiment

  • Understanding the light & shadow aspects of the States of Being

  • How the States of Being influence your well being

  • Understanding the correlation between the States of Being and the Cycles of Detrimen

  • Advanced understanding of light & shadow consciousness

  • Practical application of the Cycles of Detriment and States of Being to live a fulfilled life

  • 13 guided meditations - MP3 recording's
    13 bonus soul mentoring sessions with Donna - day and evening times available

Course Bonuses

  • 13 soul coaching sessions with Donna to empower, heal and help you thrive (valued at $1,950)

  • Bonus healing as resistance or energetic blocks arise


  • Flexible payment plans

  • upfront via credit card or EFT

  • installments via EFT

Course Outcomes

  • Understanding & using the “States of Being” to manifest the life of your dreams

  • Recognising the right opportunities and how to bring them to form

  • Discovering your passions, inspirations and what truly inspires YOU

  • Discovering & becoming aware of your spiritual gifts Understanding the true role of an Empath & how this can liberate you

  • Action plan on how to reclaim your inner JOY & FREEDOM

  • Dissolving the fear & resistance that is holding you back

  • Reawakening and healing the inner child

  • Maintaining your inner landscape in Peace & Harmony

  • Transforming into your true authentic expression

  • Increased vibration to feel and live more from the heart

  • Greater ability and capacity to forgive in the moment

  • Inviting more grace & ease into all areas of your life

  • Learning to focus & action from your knowingness

  • Learning to FEEL again - deeply FEEL

  • Learning to celebrate your magnificence in each moment

  • Becoming more receptive to the gifts of life

  • Awakening to the "remembering who you are" concept

  • Discovering your unique ray of truth in the world

Course curriculum


Lifetime access for an upfront exchange of $2,995 for immediate access. Flexible payment plans are available via EFT please contact us at to discuss a plan that is suitable for you.