• Personalised Coaching

    Unlike other programs you have direct access to your mentor who will lovingly guide you through the modules and answer any questions you have with 7 x 30 min per week soul healing and mentoring sessions.

  • Content

    Lead you through the steps of total transformation, to be more of your true authentic self. You will gain new understandings, tips and techniques to be the absolute best version of you, ready and willing to show up in your world.


This program is based on 7 principles, which Donna will personalise to develop your strengths and work through the resistance that prevents you from fully living and embracing a “charged conscious life”.

  • Understand the solar plexus connection and its relation to all other chakra's and its inner power

  • Understanding and embodying the 7 PRINCIPLES of living a Charged Conscious Life

  • Deep purification of old patterning, habits and beliefs

  • Feel more self worth, self value and self esteem

  • Inspiration and courage to make necessary changes

  • How to move forward in your life with grace and ease

  • Learn to harness and leverage the gifts of your personality

  • Awakening your passion for life and reclaiming your mojo


Lifetime access for an upfront exchange of $1,200 for immediate access. Flexible payment plans are available via EFT please contact us at admin@spectrumhealing.com.au to discuss a plan that is suitable for you.

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